Resync Dashboard in VSAN

A key feature in VSAN is the ability to see when data was being copied or around the cluster  There might be many reasons why this would occur.

  • Hardware failure (disk, disk group, host, network)
  • Host being put into Maintenance Mode (Full Data Migration)
  • Absent Failures when 60 min repair delay has been reached
  • Rebalancing data across disks/hosts
  • Bulk Policy changes

This might be important to an admin as he may want to know how long before his host enters maintenance mode, object redundancy will be repaired after a failure or policy enforcement will be achieved. In VSAN 5.5 it was possible to see this data but you were required to use RVC (Ruby vSphere Console). The following diagram shows the resync dashboard via RVC. 7 In VSAN 6.0 we have included the ability to see this data in the Web Client. An admin will also see the ETA, the bytes left to resync and the granular level data such as which object, policy being enforced, host, time remaining and bytes remaining. 8 This drives home the VSAN approach for a single management interface and direct integration to vSphere which is both powerful but also one of the reasons VSAN has incredible operational efficiency as a hyper-converged storage system.