RVC fun with VSAN

In the first part of exploration into the Ruby vSphere Console I have stumbled across so many new and interesting ways to interact with VSAN.

For a brief introduction to the RVC I suggest you start back here http://www.punchingclouds.com/2013/08/30/vsphere-5-5-vsphere-ruby-console/.

I came across this little nugget I was not aware of the ‘table’ command which I couldn’t find much documentation for. Although fairly straight forward, the use of the command is really quite powerful.

/localhost/DCName> table -h

usage: table [opts] obj…

Display a table with the selected fields

You may specify the fields to display using multiple -f options, or

separate them with ‘:’. The available fields for an object are

shown by the “fields” command.

obj: Path to a RVC::InventoryObject

–field, -f <s>:   Field to display

–sort, -s <s>:   Field to sort by

–reverse, -r:   Reverse sort order

–help, -h:   Show this message

/localhost/VSAN-DC> table -f name -f state.connection:num.vms:num.poweredonvms:cpuusage:memusage:uptime:build ~/computers/*/hosts/*

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.38.39 pm

See, pretty cool hey!

I’ll have lots more stuff coming soon.